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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Party at the HangOut Lounge Bar on Thursday

I’m told it was Margarita day yesterday in some parts of the world, I haven’t heard of it in the UK, but maybe it was going on here too! I know it’s Hibiscus’s favourite drink because she carries her own giant Margarita glass around in her inventory and we share a toast sometimes in SL. Well there’s a great place to drink your cocktails with a bit of style and lots of comfort. Janis Short, the owner of the HangOut club has installed a lounge bar above the dance area and it’s the sort of place where you can go and chat and enjoy a pint of virtual beer at the same time. There are some nice places to sit, you can take a seat by the blazing fire in the corner (whilst eating your salt and vinegar crisps) or you can take a comfy seat gazing out of the window at the brilliant view of Tower Bridge. Of course some people just enjoy propping up the bar and you can do that too whilst Janis pours your favourite tipple. There are some lovely picture displays on the walls created by Robyn Pastorelli, and the bar itself is very nicely installed. Janis is celebrating the opening of the lounge bar by having a party there tomorrow night, The doors open at 12pm SLT on Thursday, so go along and have a great time at the HangOut lounge bar! (Many thanks to Delvo Resident who didn’t mind me taking his picture as Janis poured him a drink!)

Janey Bracken

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Janis Short said...

the theme of the lounge party is 'come explore the second floor'...
there are so many little details at the HangOut that get overlooked or overshadowed when there is a dj in the house. my dream is to have people come use the bar and the lounge if they want a pleasant place to sit and listen to the radio and have a chat with a friend in an environment that is neither sexually compromising or over-powering. We have, however, installed a Truthball in the lounge, so if you don't know how to ask that special someone a question...this might be a subtle way of doing it. And don't forget if you do need a place to snog, dance or hug ...we've got some really great nooks and crannies...