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Friday, 11 February 2011

Live in Little London and Run Your Own Business

Fancy living in the older part of London town with its Victorian terraced houses and great atmosphere. Well now you can rent a house in one of the best London sims around. Little London has a brand new vintage part of town and the rent is very affordable. You can have your home there for just L$150 a week, which gives you 30 prims for furniture. I went over to explore yesterday and spotted the Pie and Mash stall just up the road, so if you are walking back from the pub and feeling a bit peckish, you can pick up some jellied eels on the way home.

Over on the other side of town, past the lovely remembrance gardens and near the gas-works, I found a pizza business that is being advertised for a new owner. Little London is a role-play sim, (although you can just visit if you don’t wish to get involved with the role-play), and it’s great fun. There are a few vacancies for businesses in the community, the pizza shop, a Chinese takeaway, hairdressers and many more! You have to apply for the post, just like you would in real life and be assessed by the Little London Council, but just imagine being part of this thriving community. If you are interested in these positions get in touch with owner Katrina Pascale or Starbuck Jinx for an application form in-world.

I’ll be bringing you news of the Little London Clubs and Pubs over the next few days and how you could become a top nightclub owner.

Janey Bracken

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