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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Horse Trekking Through Virtual London

Hyde Park in Virtual London has always been a great place to go horse trekking, in fact riding around the other parts of Virtual London on horseback is a fun way of getting around too! I’d been to a showcase sim with friend Drax Ember earlier that day and after we'd explored there we decided to come back to Hyde Park. We trotted around seeing the sights and dropped into one of the welcome areas and said ‘Hi’ to Rosie Haroldsen and Arthur Numbanumba, who were busily greeting people. It was nice having a chat and the horses drew a lot of attention, especially from new people who hadn’t seen SL horses before. Horse riding still happens in the real Hyde Park along a broad track called Rotten Row, which is on the south side of the park.
From the greeting area we rode the horses over to the still frosty grasses near the Dell CafĂ© and I spotted a nice campfire someone had left blazing. Hyde Park really is a pretty place. From there we travelled across to Knightsbridge and I was amazed at the ease in which we crossed the sim. We stood under the shadows of Big Ben enjoying the scenery before riding off down the street, luckily none of those London buses came along to frighten the horses! If you haven’t got your own virtual horse, you can get one to ride around virtual Hyde Park and they are free! just look for a stand showing a saddle as you wander the paths. You click on the saddle to ‘sit’ then you will receive the horse, which you accept and then click to wear it from your inventory. Take your SL mates and have a great time trekking in Virtual London, but mind those buses!

Janey Bracken

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