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Monday, 28 February 2011

Great First Night In the HangOut Lounge Bar

The ever popular HangOut club had its official opening of the bar area on the first floor of the venue on Thursday night, and a great time was had by all. The tiny club hits the right note with the balance of brilliant music, played by dj and owner Janis Short (and dj Seany Blinker on certain nights) and the warm welcome you will always get there. The club already has an established set of regulars and the group list is vast and growing all the time, as new people drop by, coming back again and again. The bar adds another dimension to the club, you go up the spiral staircase and the bar is on your left behind the comfy lounge area and small dance floor on the right. You can just sit and chat if you don't want to dance. Janis has installed a 'Truthball', a good way of breaking the ice with acquaintances or having fun with your friends. The Truthball has a set of questions, each person who touches it gets asked something and has to answer honestly - if they dare! Thursday proved to be a really lovely night, Truths Marder went behind the bar to greet us all with our favourite tipple and the lounge bar looks like the ideal place to bring your friends, even when the dj's are not performing, a cosy place just to sit and chat and enjoy the ambiance! Congratulations on the new bar Janis, let's hope the Lindens spot you for their Destination Guide soon, they will be missing out if they don't!

Janey Bracken

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