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Friday, 18 February 2011

Grand Opening of Club Underground on Monday!

I'm pleased to announce the opening of a great new London Club. Seany Blinker is opening his new venue called Club Underground on Monday, 21st February at 1pm (SLT), that's 9pm (UK). I went over to see the club and Seany has done a brilliant job with the decor, it looks fantastic! Seany is a very popular and experienced dj and the club will be a great place to party. I would also like to wish our lovely Brie Janick a speedy recovery. Brie hasn't been well again and we've all missed her! Hurry up and get well Brie!! SL just isn't the same without you!

Janey Bracken


Simon Seurat said...

Go Seany ! The club is actually in an Underground station , so it should be easy to get to.

Alt Lexington said...

New club well i'll defo have to check that out, YAY Seany.
Also the guy in Black on the last pic is "ME!!!!", i now feel famous, HeHeHe.