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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Gangsters and Molls

The girls could see the tall dark figure entering the club from the moonlit doorway. They recognised the handsome guy straight away with his muscular frame and slightly swaggering walk. The noisy crowded club suddenly quietened to a hush as the other customers too, spotted owner Clive walking towards the bar. Brie and Barbie had stood chatting as their cigarette smoke curled towards the ceiling, adding to the heavy atmosphere of the lushly furnished establishment. “How ya doin’ Dollface?” Clive asked Brie as she smiled back at him, her even white teeth gleaming in the darkened room. “I’m doin’ fine baby, doin’ just great.” Turning his attentions to Barbie “Glad you made it Hon!” he said grinning at the glamorous blonde who had a wicked twinkle in her eye. “Gee thanks Clive, ya sure got a nice club here” she answered meeting his gaze. Cute, who was serving behind the bar, took a bottle of gin from under the counter and poured three large shots for Clive and the girls, as the clubbers returned to their noisy chatter, drowning out the cool Jazz music playing in the background. No fear of a raid from the police tonight, a couple of officers sat at a table near the door, drink in hand, having a great time. Heavies were dotted around the room, their guns visible, a warning to any punters who thought they might pick a fight and spoil the evening.

Yes it was Brie, Barbie and Clive’s joint Rez Day celebrations at the West End Club last Saturday, it was Gangsters and Molls, 1920s style. Luckily no shots were fired and everyone behaved as 40 people boogied the night away in their posh suits and flapper clothes (some with machine guns too!). Club owners Brie, Cute and Clive really know how to throw a party and the 20s theme was loved by everyone! It was a fantastic night!

Janey Bracken


HotStuff said...

Aw you guys look fab, glad you had a good time, been ages since i left a comment on here!! love ya xxx

Cutewillows said...

need a smoke doll face cards gun cigar
i have them all no mashine guns i sold out sorry doll face

Brie *Dollface* Janick said...

Was such an amzing night ..I had a blast sharing my rezz day with all my loved ones...Ty cute & clive and everyone who came was def one of those nights to remeber !!!

antonia-tiger said...

Valentine's Day looms.

And I rather fancy some Greek cuisine, aubergines, maybe, and ground lamb...

Simon Seurat said...

You can't beat a nice kebab antonia ! mmm !

Great night as always !