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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Fun In New London and Being 'Ruthed'

It seems like a long winter, but there are some things that remind us that spring and summer won't be that far away. Daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops will soon be peeping out from the still frosty grasses and the days are drawing out just that little bit longer now. I spotted some summertime fun in New London the other day, Kat Kassner has made the most of her Thames embankment by installing some sun loungers and a lovely slide there. Of course I was fully dressed, I even had my coat on against the February chill, I wasn't going to change into my swimming costume this time of year, but I decided to have a go of the slide anyway! It's great fun and if you don't fancy ending up in the Thames by having a go on the slide you can sit and watch the world go by on the benches and sun loungers. There's a menacing looking submarine parked nearby. Being very nosy, I decided to climb on board. It was a bit eerie in there as I sat at the controls and attempted to sail it off, but without success. Good thing really, my submarine driving might be as bad as my car driving and I might have done a bit of damage.

Talking about damage, my poor avatar isn't loading at the moment (known as being Ruthed in SL). So I look like the missing link with a stoop, helmet hair and no clothes, so I've dropped a ticket into Linden Labs to see if they can at least give me my clothes back! You may see another Janey turning up in between, yes it's still me! So I hope to be back as my usual self soon!!

Janey Bracken


Static Frenzy said...

You could always try "Testing Avatar"
it will reset your Avatar back to how it was as a newbie but you can get re skinned and dressed right away it's in the advanced menu might help you out i got Ruthed a few days back and it worked fab for me hope all is sorted soon

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Static,

Many thanks for your help, I did manage to get back to normal today, and I think what you are saying would have probably worked yesterday, so I will remember that next time. I kept getting error messages yesterday about things not loading and something wrong with the server, so not too sure if it was a fault with SL. It's nice to be ok again :))