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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Free House Travellers Rest Has a Variety of Brews!

The Travellers Rest in New London is definitely one of the better free house pubs in the virtual world. You get such good choice of virtual beers and it looks like most people are catered for there. The only dodgy thing, as far as I can see, is some of the beers may have been brewed at home and kept in the airing cupboard to ferment! Now this might be a benefit if they did it the right way, double the amount of ale yeast, hope it doesn’t blow the airing cupboard doors off, and you could end up with something very potent indeed! One swig and you are having a great night!
Deciding which beer to pick is a bit of a problem, as they all have their own heavenly extra ingredients. I was tempted by Bluerinse Bitter, a stong brew that could turn your hair dark blue, maybe it has squid ink for that extra flavour. The advert says “It will make you see double and feel single.” This looks like Laredo Lowtide’s own recipe and by the colour of his hair and strong glasses he wears sometimes, I reckon he likes a pint or two on a regular basis!
Then there is Giant Robot unreal Ale, now this sounds very different, it is advertised as being “a refreshing blend of Calisto malt and Hoipoloi hops”. One wonders about the robot name, does this mean after one pint you are walking around automatically bumping into things? I’ve a feeling this might cause rust on the inside of your skull should you drink too much!
For Canadians you can’t beat Pennell’s Canadian beer (one for Hibiscus this one!). This is definitely a home brand, the ad states “Deported from Pennell’s own beer fridge in beautiful downtown Squamish” I’ve no idea where Squamish is, but the ad also states “They’re good beers, eh? You should buy one. If you hosers don’t like em, I’ll eat my toque, eh” Maybe it will all become clear to me after I try the beer!! It will make a nice change for Hib instead of that huge glass of Martini she usually drinks!
In the end I settled for Kat Kassner’s own beer called Power Bra(u). It is advertised as a “High strength brew to make dealing with kids just that much easier.” It tastes like a sturdy beer and even if you drink too much you don’t fall over, it still supports you late into the night! It won’t ‘bust’ your pocket either because it’s free!
The Travellers Rest is a great pub with regular events going on, so get yourself over and prop up the bar with a pint of specialist brew!

Janey Bracken

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