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Monday, 14 February 2011

Career Opportunity In Little London

How would you like to run a cool club in the heart of one of the most popular London sims. Little London is a vibrant community of Londoners and owner Katrina Pascale is looking for that special person to take over a brand new club called Reflex. Katrina says she wants someone to either rent the club or do a profit share. The new owner could rent the club for L$1000 a week and 15% of the tips would go back to Katrina, or if they preferred they could rent it for free and 80% of the tips would go to Katrina.
Running a club is hard work, but very rewarding and this is a chance in a lifetime to be right in the heart of Little London! Contact Katrina Pascale in-world for more details!

Janey Bracken

(Many thanks to Slate McLeod, Cutewillow Carlberg, Janis Short, Barbie Bohemian, Truths Marder, Simon Seurat, Nahiram Vaniva and WolfBaginski Bearsfoot. We tried the club and it was awesome!!)

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