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Thursday, 17 February 2011

The BT Tower in New London

There is a terrific new building in the New London sim, it’s the famous Post Office Tower (BT Tower), a building that is so distinct in real life, it’s instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the capital. Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide have done another excellent job with this virtual copy of the tower and you can travel up to the various floor levels to take in the view of their wonderful New London sim. Although it has been called the Post Office Tower, it was renamed in the 1980s as the British Telecom Communication Tower (BT Tower) when British Telecom took it over. It was first built to transmit high frequency radio waves across London.
Construction of the tower started in 1961, but it wasn’t opened until October 8, 1965 and public access was allowed on May 16, 1966. The actual building is 581 ft tall with a further structure of aerial rigging at the top, bringing the total height to 620 ft. On the 34th floor there was a viewing gallery, a souvenir shop and a restaurant that actually rotated as you dined! It completed one revolution every 22 minutes, so diners had a nice steadily changing view over London as they ate their meal.
The Post Office Tower’s history hasn’t been without drama. On October 31, 1971 a bomb was planted in the men’s toilets at the top of the building, causing extensive damage, though fortunately no one was hurt. However, buildings and cars up to 400 yards away were damaged by the blast and the bomb was later attributed to the Provisional IRA who were active in London and Ireland throughout that period. The restaurant, leased by Butlins, was finally closed to the public for good in 1980 for security reasons. The tower was given a Grade 11 listed status in 2003. Today the restaurant area is used for BT events and promotions and even rotated occasionally, since spare parts for the mechanism were rediscovered.
Kat and Laredo have a bit of extra excitement with their version of the tower, you can climb to the very top and parachute down, so go and have some fun and take in the wonderful views across New London.

Janey Bracken


The Doctor Who Zone said...

Lovely article! Thank you! I blush! LL

Janey Bracken said...

Thank you Laredo, no need to blush you and Kat are brilliant, also blushing will clash with your new pink hair!!

Janey :))

Anonymous said...

That revolving restaurant was over rated and very expensive but what comes to mind was me standing on the moving join in the floor wondering if I could stall it and stop it rotating, 'smirk!. BJ