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Tuesday, 25 January 2011


DJ Corolla played some ‘rock’ music in the West End Club last week, yes Clive had taken us back to cave-dwelling days with his fantastic décor in the club! It was ‘Bedrock time’ as all the Flintstone characters took to the dance floor! There were Fred’s, Wilma’s and Betty’s plus their cute kids Pebbles and BamBam! Corolla, herself a pretty little Pebbles, got together with Truthsprincess, another cutesy Pebbles and they looked full of mischief. Truths’ BamBam looked really naughty as he ran around the club! Cute was a very glam Wilma. Seany arrived as a rather large Dino, swishing his tail in time to the music. He later turned into a large rock, jumping up and down denting the dance floor as he landed! Everyone had a ‘Club’ in the club! This time it was a cave-man’s club for hitting people. It’s been around as long as I can remember in SL, the scripted wooden club; you type the word ‘Bam’ into text chat and next thing you are swinging the club through the air and hitting someone over the head with it! It’s a good job it’s virtual ‘cos it could knock your brains out, but it’s lots of fun. The trouble is, when newbies arrive and see all the clubbing going on they make a quick exit, it must be very confusing for them. One guy arrived during the evening without a stitch of clothing on and everyone thought this was stone-age behaviour taken a bit too far, so he was ejected. He tried to come back but was ejected again, luckily no one coshed him over the head with the club. I sent him a message to see what he was up to, but it was SL playing tricks, poor man, he thought he was dressed, but none of us could see his clothes. Then I did see his outfit, he was another Fred with his bright yellow cat skin costume. He came back into the club and joined in and hopefully he had a great time with the rest of us.

Janey Bracken

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Cutewillows said...

we had a bam bam good time
got to club fred a few times giggles,