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Monday, 17 January 2011

Steve Dj's at the Queen Vic

I first met Steve Rumsford when he owned the Heavenly Nightclub in Little London, Steve kept the clubbers happy, arranging some great themed nights and events. Back in November Steve took a new turn in his SL, which pretty much must have affected his real life too, he offered a counselling service to support people in the virtual world, offering his help to people suffering from depression and other stresses that they find hard to cope with. (See my article Counselling Services Offered in SL).

Steve has taken on yet another job in SL, this time it’s similar to his previous Heavenly Nightclub role, he’s turned his hand to dj’ing, so I went over to see this very busy man at the Queen Victoria Pub in Little London. I joined the party and everyone was having a fantastic time, Steve was playing the top ten singles and albums of 2010 and he makes a brilliant dj! It was nice to see Steve on the entertainment side of SL again and you can go to see him in Little London when he's spinning those discs!! Well done Steve! I had a great evening!

Janey Bracken

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