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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Protests At Speaker's Corner Support Student Demonstrations Today

Whilst students protested in both Manchester and London today, a group of demonstrators made their feelings felt as well at Speakers Corner in Virtual Hyde Park. Although not all British, the demonstrators had come to show their support of the British students in respect of the cuts the government are making in tuition fees. Avatars Temba Resident and RyogaHibiki Resident shouted out their message of encouragement saying “We stand at speakers corner in solidarity of the students and people of London England who protest now, Please stand with us; Support the students! Support your future!!!”
From the sentiment of the protesters it was obvious that the rioting in Tunis and Egypt have added weight to their argument about what is happening in the UK. Czarny Zsun said that there should be “maximum resistance to these cuts. We need a general strike to cripple the Tories.” He continued “It’s not just students that are going to be impacted by these cuts, workers and the unemployed are going to be on the receiving end of the attacks to the NHS (National Health Service), to the postal system and to schools. The only social power that ordinary people have is at the point of production. They should use it and make the rich pay by taking strike action.” An observer Vic Arrowmint said it “won’t do any good, just means they don’t have to pay you when you are on strike and they save more money to pay bankers bonuses. Another observer, Drax Ember added “ doesn’t that (striking) hurt the normal people, those that depend on the services and wages, but aren’t students?” Tempa said “How do you change politics run by fascists?”. Vic Arrowmint told us he thought “the MPs are too busy getting their cut from big business for their extra curricular interests.”
We were joined by Lisabeth Nikolaidis. When I suggested that people should use their votes to change policies. Lisabeth asked “What happens when the party who supposedly represents the working class and/or the liberal viewpoint makes a coalition with the Tories?” She added “what happens when the Labour party gets into bed with George Bush? Who do you vote for?” And Lisabeth seems to reflect the thoughts of many British people, they have been let down by all the main political parties. Czarny told us that “Ordinary people have very little power at the ballot box, but we can collectively change the world through struggle from below.”
Czarny concluded “Ideas alone are not enough – most people do not agree with tuition fees or education cuts, yet the Tories are carrying them out anyway. Most about WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction) was a pack of lies. Yet Iraq was bombed to the stone-age anyway. We need struggle and politics.” Tempa asked me “Janey, what I am trying to say is this: when contacting your MP’s, writing letters and petitions, phone calls and voting FAILS to make the changes you want, as has happened in Europe and Egypt, then what do you do?”
Yes what do you do? I’d say Cameron, Clegg and Miliband had better take a close look at the comparisons being made to Egypt and Tunis with the demonstrations taking place here. It seems people no longer have any belief in the ballot box and the way ahead planned by the Coalition or the Labour Party should they gain power next.

Janey Bracken

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