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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Great Start to 2011

We are starting the new year with a bang, people are already having great ideas for 2011, which they are putting into action. The Greyhound Pub in Virtual Kensington, run by Isobel Byron is having its 3rd Annual Photograph Competition and likewise Janis Short at the HangOut Club is starting a new contest for pictures too. She will be choosing one photo a week to be displayed on the dance floor area of the club and the photographer will receive a 100 Lindens. The picture will then be moved upstairs for permanent display. Contact Isobel and Janis in-world for more details! And don’t forget to visit our very successful London Photograph Competition too before the judging in a few days time (‘London at Christmas’ in the New Albert Hall, New London)
There’s a brilliant new journal in New London! It’s called the New London Picture Post created by reporter Teddy Darbyshire. Once you pick up a copy you can either rez it to the ground or wear it as a hud to view its pages. Teddy has given us a terrific view of New London events in colourful pictures and humorous text and it’s a great read. If you are looking for a copy you can find a vendor inside our offices under Big Ben in New London! Good luck with this exciting new journal Teddy!
Virtual London are planning another amazing Fashion Week very soon. The Spring Fashion Show will be held at the end of February and its planners are the Opium Fashion Agency. Anyone wanting to participate in the show should contact Jessii2009 Warrhol for more information. The show will be held in the opulent Kensington building in Virtual Kensington, the ideal setting for such a grand event.
So things are moving fast for 2011 at our wonderful SL London entertainment venues, it looks like it will be a fantastic year. Many thanks to all the hard working teams throughout the London places we cover for making SL the place to be!

Janey Bracken

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