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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Going Oriental Was A Beautiful Sight!

People really excelled themselves at the Oriental evening in the West End Club, and this was probably one of the most amazingly colourful and spectacular events I have been to of all time! Club owner Clive had made a beautiful job of the inside of the club, so very detailed and authentic looking, well done Clive! Brie dj’d and looked really pretty in her delicate looking outfit with her face painted a ghostly white. Hostess Cute looked equally lovely in her pastel blue costume. The clubbers clothes were a work of art, they had really found some wonderful designers whilst they were shopping. I hope they do this again, and congratulations to all those people who dressed up so well!

Janey Bracken


Cutewillows said...

i so felt like haven chiness food for dinner that night, it was he best event by far,

Simon Seurat said...

The club looked amazing , maybe the best scene that Clive has ever done ! It was a fun night , thanks Janey !