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Monday, 3 January 2011

Competition Photographs

This contest is going to be very hard to judge, it's an honour to display such really high quality pictures. The contest will be judged by Drax Ember within the next few days. Here are more of the entries for the London Photograph Competition, this time from Simon Seurat, Nahiram Vaniva, Cutewillow Carlberg and Laredo Lowtide.
Cutewillow Carlberb - New West End Club - Cute and Bruce
Laredo Lowtide - New London Street Laredo - New London - Saucer
Laredo - New London Bank
Laredo - New London
Laredo - New London
Simon Seurat - Amourette and Robyn at HangOut New Year
Simon - Little London - Illustrated Police News
Simon - New London - Simon and Nahi with their Tardis at Tower Bridge
Simon - Little London - Murder in the East End
Simon - Virtual London - The Greyhound Pub, Kensington
Simon - New London - People wander in the fog
Nahiram Vaniva - New London - Fog in London

1 comment:

Ed Follet said...

Wow more fantastic pictures, we have some amazingly creative people in our communities :-)) I don't envy Drax the almost impossible task of choosing a winner!!

Ed :-))