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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Back in Northcliffe House

If you see me walking about the streets of Virtual London stop and say Hi! Yes I'll be flitting about between my lovely offices in New London and Tropical Bliss and our new office in Virtual Kensington. The new office is in Northcliffe house , the virtual copy of the Daily Mail building, and it's where I was first hired to be the assistant editor of Virtually London (lite), then editor and then owner/editor, so it holds many nice memories for me. All the London sims hold a wealth of stories, whether it's about the people who own the sims, the people who run the businesses, the visitors, the residents, or just the architecture of the virtual cities themselves, there is so much going on and you may find yourself in our London news. By the way, Virtually London (lite) will be celebrating it's 3rd anniversary this coming May.


Hibiscus said...

This is so exciting! There are certainly so many happy memories. And hard to believe that it is almost 3 years, congratulations.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Hib, yes the time has flown past and we both had lots of fun in the London sims and Northcliffe House, seems like it was just yesterday!