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Monday, 13 December 2010

Winterfest in New London

'Winterfest on Ice' celebrations are under way in the New London Village and I went over to dance and skate on the frozen Thames as Laredo Lowtide dj’d. The crowd were having a fabulous time and I even spotted Scrooge in the centre of the frozen river. I could swear I saw a little smile on his face, I think he was actually enjoying himself. I’m not sure if the ghosts had visited him yet or not! A very kind person called Davey had given me a snowman avatar in one of the sims I’d been exploring, so I put that on and danced away to the music. Laredo complimented me on my snowman av so I passed one to him too and he put it on, so funny to see the dj snowman bopping away to the music! Laredo was followed by great dj Hoipoloi Gurbux and a brilliant time was had by all!!

Janey Bracken

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