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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Winter Wonderland at the West End Club

I would imagine most people really love getting dressed up for a Ball, well most of the ladies in SL anyway. The Winter Wonderland Ball at the West End Club sounded lovely, just by the title alone, and it proved to be just as amazing when I saw the magnificent set that Clive had built for the grand event! It was truly a winter wonderland and the ideal snowy scene to show off all those glorious and elegant evening dresses and suits, lots of them with that Christmas flavour. I often wondered why such an event like this is called a Ball, but apparently ‘Ball’ comes from the Latin word ‘Ballare’ which means ‘to dance’, and dance we did to the great music of dj Janis with the help of club host Cute who kept us all entertained. It was a lovely night and Hibiscus and I took lots of photos as you can see here!

Janey Bracken


Willows Photo Blog said...

its was the best event we had at the westend club

Hibiscus said...

It was truly a wonderland. The club was beautifully decorated and the music was perfect. What a great evening.