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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Student Tuition Fee Demonstrations In Virtual Hyde Park

A small crowd of demonstrators gathered in Virtual Hyde Park again today, as the real demonstration by students took place in Central London. The students are demonstrating against the massive increases planned by the UK government in respect of tuition feels. Feelings were running high and the demonstrators' anger at the Conservative/LibDem government’s proposed tuition bill was strongly displayed as they used SL as a media platform. One of the demonstrators in SL, Lady Driver, told me that they are against any fees, not just an increase in fees. She said “the students are our future.” Another demonstrator Lisabeth told me “the working class and students should never have to pay the debts of the rich.”

I asked if they thought the government would take any notice of these demonstrations and they told me “Absolutely, there are already reports that MPs are sh**tting themselves from a source in parliament. According to a community worker who is in parliament for a conference about young people, the mood among MPs is tense and anxious. They are absolutely sh**itting themselves because of the anger in the conference and on the streets.”

Lady Driver said “I hope the government splits and it falls so there is a general election and boot the liars out” Demonstrator Czarny added “because they know if the bill is passed, there will be an even more serious escalation of the student revolt.”

Although the MP's have just voted for the bill to go through, this doesn’t look like it will be settled any time soon.


Janey Bracken


Alt Lexington said...

This is a good corse to fight for, the country should make educating its nationals a priorety and free of fees instead of bringing in cheap foreigners to do all the skilled jobs. And lets not get started about loaning money to other countries when are own is in so much det.

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Alt,

Thanks for your comment.

As long as we are in the EU we will be told how many people we have to take, our government have no control over the people coming here from within Europe and the EU have now just signed a deal with India to bring in thousands of IT people from there. So why aren’t our students filling those posts? I have no idea! Most people have no idea either that we are paying the EU £48,000,000 each and every day and they want to tax us individually next, on top of that amount. The 7 billion we are paying to Ireland is the same amount as the cut backs here will save us. The tuition fees are different throughout the UK because of the Barnett formula, which allows Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to spend more on their students because they are awarded more money per head of their population from central government grants than the English per head. It’s broken down as this - English per head £7,535, Welsh per head £8,577, Scottish per head £9,179 and Northern Ireland per head £10,000. So places like Scotland and Wales can afford to be generous with their tuition fees (its free in Scotland). English students would still pay the full amount if they study in Scotland or Wales, but foreigners coming in from the EU would still get a reduced rate. This doesn’t make sense to me at all as there are many poor areas in England as there are in other parts of the UK. Joel Barnett was the Chief Secretary to the Treasury in the seventies when he created the Barnett formula, he now says “It’s a great embarrassment to have my name attached to so unfair a system. It was never meant to last this long and has become increasingly unfair to the regions of England.”
So students are not treated equally throughout the UK which I would have thought would have gone against equal rights policies of which the government makes so much of.