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Monday, 20 December 2010

The Santa's Party Through The Night!

There were Mr and Mrs Claus's galore on Saturday night with toy soldiers, a lego man and a lego lady with lots of sexy elves thrown in too! Yes it's that time of year to pull out those Christmas outfits from your inventory and hit the virtual town. New London got under way with a big party on the frozen River Thames and the New West End club steamed up the windows as the Santa's danced the night away. There were some unseasonal folk who dropped in though, they tried to scam the club contest and spoil things for everyone else. Luckily they were last seen chasing the Christmas star as their butts were kicked out of the club! All in all a fantastic time was had by everyone!

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

What wonderful Santa costumes!! I bet the real Santa is jealous!!!

- Drax

cutewillow said...

shure was fun to boot there ass on that shinny star
there on santa's nottie list
this is the seson for the ture meaning of chirstmas not haven some spoil it for the rest
there bah bumbuggers
thats for shure
lets rem the ture meaning of christmas love family