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Thursday, 16 December 2010

HangOut Pictures and Bowie Night

Janis Short has had some more of her HangOut group members adding their Christmas photos to the exhibition upstairs in the club. Hibiscus Hastings has a cosy picture by the fire. Ed Follet and Isobel Byron hold hands as they dance and Truthsprincess Baramm and Truths Marder hold a romantic pose on the balcony. These pictures will make a great keepsake for Christmas 2010 at the HangOut!
Janis is also dj'ing at the West End Club tomorrow at 2pm (SLT) (10pm UK), when there is a night dedicated to David Bowie. Simon Seurat (pictured below with partner Nahiram Vaniva) was trying out his fabulous Bowie avatar tonight and he looked really cool! So if you can get something suitable to wear as the Thin White Duke, the West End Club should proved to be a blast!

Janey Bracken

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