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Monday, 27 December 2010

The Ghost of Michael Jackson Seen in London Clubs!

I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas and enjoyed my ghost story about Gemma and the Angel. It's that time of year when spooky stories are told and I think the best one ever written was 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens, first published on 19th December 1843. It has all the right ingredients for the festive season and Scrooge being visited by the three spirits will always be a firm favourite each year. Speaking of spirits, we had our own ghost in SL last Wednesday, yes Micheal Jackson was seen visiting the London Clubs. He first dropped into the HangOut where he moon-danced across the stage and then he appeared at the West End Club dancing to his own music! Spooky or what!! There were quite a few Micheals on the dance floor and I think we ought to invite Mr Jackson back for another Thriller after the holidays are over! You never know, we might get Ebenezer and his mate Jacob Marley dropping in too!

Janey Bracken


Simon Seurat said...

These are great photos Janey !

I'd like to say many thanks too to DJ Saffi , for stepping in to complete the evening when SL went a bit weird and wouldn't let Brie back into the club :( Saffi , you are a star !

Janey Bracken said...

I totally agree, Saffi saved the day and I'd like to thank her too, she's a natural and does a brilliant job!! Poor Brie must have been disappointed when she had problems getting back on, and I hope they do hold another Jackson night. You looked great by the way!!

Anonymous said...

i think cute did a wonder full job too she sould be thanked as well as the dj
the hostess work as hard
poor cute
never gets a thank you good job
yay well done cute
your a lovly hostess

Willows Photo Blog said...

saffi and cute did a lovly job
they work well togther
it's a team effort at the west end club ,
we should thank them both
its seems fair
seems hostess get left out
they work as hard as anny one
this team work at its best
west end club bestclub in sl that is team work is 1 here

Janey Bracken said...

Awwww I hope you didn't feel left out Cute, everyone loves you and you always do a fantastic professional job as host. You are the heart of the club and make everyone happy and welcome, as well as having great skills at running the place to rid us of any troublemakers! The Club without you? never!!!

Janey xxx