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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

David Bowie Night a Big Hit

There was a tribute night to David Bowie’s legendary music in the West End Club last week. DJ Janis Short played two hours of his songs and says she could have kept on for another couple of hours, as she had so much more she could have played. Janis looked the part too with her Bowie Avatar, complete with Bowie’s famous 70s red hair. The night included Bowie trivia and it made for an interesting evening as well as dancing to some great music. Host Saffi Collas did a brilliant job reading out the trivia questions and keeping a check on the answers. I must admit I’ve never been a Bowie fan, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed an evening of his music and I hope they do another one at some stage. Janis has had real life dealings with Bowie, she actually interviewed him for an article a few years back, and her knowledge of music is truly amazing. We are privileged to have such a professional and talented dj in SL.

Janey Bracken

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