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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Winning Entry for 'Spooky Story' Competition

I am pleased to announce that the competition run by Cutewillow Carlberg for the best spooky story has been won by our very own Ed Follet! And here it is, well done Ed:
The clouds scudded swiftly across the darkening sky as I wandered through the deserted sim, not quite sure how I had got there. Up ahead in the forest clearing was a derelict ruin, the broken windows like empty eye sockets staring out from the decaying walls. The roof was open to the stars and bats were hanging like grotesque fruit from the rotten rafters. Mysterious creaks and groans emanated as a chill wind blew in the dark foreboding evening air.

With a cold mist descending, the hovel offered an unattractive but necessary refuge. Suddenly the impenetrable darkness of the waiting shadows came to life. A sinister figure dressed all in black was lurking within. The startling form mumbled inaudibly as the weak moonlight illuminated a pair of outstretched arms… they were reaching out towards me!!! Rooted to the spot with growing panic I fumbled for, but couldn’t find the ‘teleport home’ button. Just at that moment the moon emerged from behind the clouds and I remembered…. Janey had moved house again.
Ed Follet
P.S. This is a picture of me, after I read the story, waiting to catch up with Mr Follet to see what he had to say for himself!! I do put the duster around and do a bit of vacuuming occasionally no matter what Ed says!!

Janey Bracken

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run hide ed janie will get yah