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Friday, 19 November 2010

Willy Wonka Was a Sweet Night!

It was the sweetest event we’ve had this year, the chocolate was melting, the lollipops were just asking to be licked, as Nils and Barbie did, lollipop each in their hands! and the giant doughnuts had lovely gooey pink and brown icing!! It was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in the West End Club and dj Janis did an excellent job with her music, all candy related hits such as ‘Sweets for My Sweet’ and ‘Lollipop’ It was asking a lot for the crowd to dress the part, but lots of people did join in the fun. Simon may have been the most amazing with his avatar in a bright red and white striped t-shirt, and he had obviously eaten all the pies, or should I say Crunchies! We had various ‘Willy Wonka’s’ in their colourful suits and top hats and Hibiscus in her chocolate coloured ball gown looked great. Cute looked very pretty in her candy cane outfit and Truths had tasty chocolate skin!
Of course you always get someone who gets things wrong! We had a newbie turn up in his underpants who clearly thought of a different type of Willy Wonka, and he had very cleverly attached it onto the outside of his underpants, you could even see a gap, so it was a miracle Willy and quite wonky! Poor newbie didn’t stay long as he was helped from the club and landed on the Quality Street outside, I hope he didn’t land on his Maltesers!
The evening was a real Picnic as we danced under the Milky Way! I wonder if the next theme will be a Turkish Delight!!

Janey Bracken

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Cutewillows said...

glad i got free willie geez
i think he toook williw wonka thing too far giggles