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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Missing Whitechapel 1888 and Moving On

As you might know things are never permanent in SL and fellow writer and friend Hibiscus Hastings and Spooks Blackburn, owner of Whitechapel 1888, suddenly became homeless when the owner of the sim where Hib had her shop and Spooks had Whitechapel, failed to pay the tier on the sim. Things happen so fast in SL, I recently lost my home too when the sim owner decided she had to give it up and I was suddenly faced with the prospect of searching for a good base again, not an easy task as virtual land seems to be very expensive now in respect of the weekly tier payments.
I really miss Spook’s Whitechapel, especially as he had some great things planned for Christmas, I’d so looked forward to Christmas in the old East End of London and I’m hoping that Spooks can find a suitable sim pretty soon. One of Hibs and Spook’s neighbours, Cliff, is also in the same boat, suddenly losing his SL home, and I hope he finds somewhere quickly as well.
I had rented a piece of land from Hib at the place she has lost and I had to find somewhere as soon as possible as I had started my Christmas shop there. New London has come to the rescue for both Hib and I, Kat Kassner has been building some beautiful shops and the streets are looking amazing (more about this in a few days time). So I have rented one of Kat’s shops and Hib has moved her gallery there as well. We are just around the corner from each other, Hib is in Totters Lane and my shop is in Baker Street. It’s a lively vibrant sim and we couldn’t ask for a nicer location for our businesses.
Here’s hoping that we see the return of Spook’s Whitechapel 1888 very soon!!

Janey Bracken

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Hibiscus said...

No, nothing is permanent in SL. I miss my piece of land and my gallery a lot but Spooky and I are very happy to have found a spot in New London. It is a beautifully built sim and very lively, Kat and Laredo certainly make everyone feel welcome and at home. I hope Spooks will find a new place for Whitechapel 1888, it is such an interesting sim to visit. But I guess the most important thing to remember when faced with these sudden changes is that no matter where I go I still have my wonderful friends. Thanks to all of you, you are what really make up my SL.