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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Cosy Corner at the HangOut Club

The wonderful little club owned by dj Janis Short has a nice new feature. The HangOut now has a cosy corner with a blazing log fire and some comfy sofas that people can snuggle down into and relax. Janis has made it very festive, with a lovely Christmas tree and other Christmas bits, it’s really great. Of course the club has always catered for lovers as well as singles, with lots of ‘couples’ poses scattered around, so people can stop for a hug and kiss if they are with their partners. Janis has some mistletoe as well, so you can get an early Christmas kiss!! The Hangout is just perfect, the club itself has a great atmosphere with brilliant music, plus a regular friendly crowd who welcome new people and make them feel at home. If you want to take someone on an SL date you can’t go wrong at the HangOut, have a dance and explore the club for all the little places to cuddle up, or sit in front of the log fire and warm your toes whilst talking sweet nothings……………..bliss!!

Janey Bracken


Theodore said...

Sadly this took me to an empty skybox?

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Theodore,

I'm very sorry about the SLURL I used an old one in error which takes you to the space below the HangOut, I have now put the correct one in. Also there is an ad at the side of the blog for the club which has the correct SLURL. I hope you enjoy the HangOut!

Janey :))