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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Appreciating the Planning and Hard Work of Club Managers

People see an event advertised (See the ‘club schedule’ section of this blog) and they turn up and have a wonderful night in the SL clubs. I just wondered if people realise the planning and hard work that goes into putting it all together! I popped over to see Brie Janick at the West End Club as she was making a wonderful set for a ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ themed evening. Already at the club were club hostess Cutewillow Carlberg and TD Reinard, one of the greatest and most talented builders in SL (his St Mary Abbott Church in Virtual Kensington and The Kensington Building are just works of virtual art!). Brie had done a brilliant job at filling the club with lollipops, candy canes, sweets and giant doughnuts! The floor was a swirling lake of melted chocolate (there will be more about the ‘Charlie’ themed evening later on in the week!). Clive Hissop, who is taking a little time out of SL, usually creates spectacular sets in the West End Club, he is a perfectionist and thanks to his hard work there have been countless fantastic evenings.

Brie, who has had a tough year due to illness, has come back full of ideas and zest about special club nights. Brie has a wealth of experience, dating back a long way, of knowing just what people enjoy for an SL night out. I would hate to imagine what Clive and Brie’s inventories are like! Just looking around at all the doughnuts, sweets and other goodies laying around made me wonder what else they have stored away!
The dj’s and club hosts have to set examples for the night with the right type of costumes to encourage people to join in with the theme. They also have to have the banter with the audience to keep the event lively. The cost of the club itself in respect of tier payments and the streamed music must cost quite a lot in this increasingly expensive SL. The contest board has to be set up for the best costumes, once again an expensive business for the management as the cash prizes are paid out at all the events. I’ve never heard anyone talking about the cost of it all though, they do it for the joy of seeing people having a good time!

So when you go to a party in an SL club, take a look around and marvel at the ideas and hard work that the management have put in to making it a night to remember for their clubbers. Be appreciative and give a tip if you can afford to, it doesn’t have to be much, but it’s a nice gesture to give something back to these wonderful people who take so much trouble to make sure you are having lots of fun in SL!

Janey Bracken


cutewillow said...

they all look so good to eat
all them sweets
drooling though of all them sweets
not good for some ona dite

Hibiscus said...

It is amazing the amount of work that must go into running such a successful club. And because things run so smoothly and are done at such a high standard, we don't have any real idea of any of that, we just go to the club and enjoy. For the special events the decor is wonderful, I am sure I gained a few pounds at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory night, but it is the warm welcome of the dj's and the staff that keep people coming back, I am sure. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved.