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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

DJ Saffi Rocks!

Congratulations to Saffi Collas who dj'd for the first time at the West End Club on Friday night. Saffi who also hosted at the club did a great job at dj'ing! We loved your music Saffi, more of the same please!!

Janey Bracken

Monday, 29 November 2010

Cute and Jolly Marry!

Cutewillow Carlberg and Jolly Darnay had a wonderful wedding on Saturday. It was more or less love at first sight for Cute and Jolly, as Jolly said in his wedding vows to Cute “I love you with all my heart. You are my heart and soul, my soul mate. When you came into my life I was struck by lightening, a whirlwind romance, swept off my feet, it was wonderful. So much in love with you, so I asked you to marry me, and to my delight you said yes. I will devote myself to making your everyday a happy one. I will adore you and love you to my fullest in sickness and in health, richer and poorer, till death do us part.” Cute’s vows were equally touching as she gazed at him and said “My Darling Jolly one look from your sweet blue eyes I knew I was in love with an angel . I give you my heart to hold, I give you my soul to cherish. I give you all my love and devotion. I give you all my kisses. I give you me as your loving wife.”

The service was conducted by Truths Marder, Truthsprincess Baramm was the ‘best lady’ for Jolly and Clive Hissop gave Cute away. The bridesmaids, Brie Janick and BellaCullen Edwardstone, looked terrific in long red satin gowns. Cute looked absolutely stunning in a beautiful white lace wedding dress and Jolly looked every inch the handsome bridegroom in a smart white tux.

Brie and Seany held the reception at their home for Cute and Jolly, and Brie had made it a dream venue for the loving couple. Cute and Jolly danced into the night with all their friends and they had a fabulous time.

Many Congratulations on your Wedding Cute and Jolly, may you have many happy years together.

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Happy Rez Day Nahiram

Happy 2nd Rez Day to Nahiram Vaniva who celebrated with her partner Simon and all their friends at their home. Nahi had an Bollywood themed evening and looked very beautiful in her Indian costume. Happy Rez Day Nahi!

Janey Bracken

Friday, 26 November 2010

Hot Hot Hot Down At The West End Club!

The weather is turning really wintery in real London, there's a blanket of snow over quite a lot of the UK, but at the West End Club things were hot, hot, hot the other night when they had a Latin themed evening! That's the beauty of SL, it may be cold outside, but you can put on those virtual colourful summer costumes, forget about real life for a couple of hours, and enjoy the dancing. It was a great night with dj Brie Janick playing some sexy Latin tunes and host Cutewillow Carlberg making sure we all shook our maracas in time to the music!

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Steve Opens a Counselling Service in SL

I met Steve Rumsford back in June when I visited the Little London sim for the very first time, Steve owned the Heavenly Nightclub and it was clear to me, even then, that he was a great communicator. Steve ran a successful club and people were able to relax in his company. So it came as no surprised when I heard that Steve wanted to broaden his horizons in SL and take the more serious role of helping people. Steve is now offering a counselling service called the 'Amber Project' in-world in the sim he knows so well – Little London owned by Katrina Pascale!

I wanted to know more about Steve’s new counselling service and he kindly answered some questions for me. I asked Steve where he got the idea from about a counselling service, he told me “It was a project that I had always wanted to do, and after setting up my own club I decided to get it off the ground, Little London seemed the perfect place due to the friendly community and sociable atmosphere.” I wanted to know if Steve had always been interested in helping people and if he was bringing his real life plans into SL, he said “I’m hoping to bring my life experience and my ability to talk to people, I have a customer service related job and spend most of my day talking to people, I find that when people start to talk to me they also want to talk about their issues as well and I feel I’m a good listener, this is what inspired me really.”

I asked Steve what areas of counselling he would expect to cover, and if he would deal with people’s real life as well as in-world anxieties, he answered “Anything really, we have already had some enquiries regarding depression, but I think the problems will be varied, we will cover both real life and SL problems and will strive to help people as much as we can, although there may be areas that will be out of our range, we will try and guide people to the right places so that they can receive the proper help, this could be anything from putting them in contact with another counsellor to giving them links to a website like citizens advice bureau or Samaritans etc.....” I wanted to know if Steve thought counselling in SL would be safe, as there may not be any knowledge of someone’s background to assess them, and they may need professional help. Steve told me “This is a concern, but I do believe that people who need help over a certain period of time will start to connect with our staff, we will, in difficult cases, recommend more sessions so we can get to know the real problem underneath, we will always give people the numbers and links as well of agencies if they need, and support them in any decisions they choose to take.”

Will the communication with people who seek help remain in-world, or would you expect to get in touch with them in real life? I asked Steve, he said “For the privacy of the client I believe at the time all communication will remain in SL, but out of world communication will be something we will look at down the line.” I asked Steve to tell me a little bit about counselling, he said “The main thing is that we give them time to tell us what is wrong and have confidence that everything they tell us is in private, we will listen to the our clients, then try and help them sort through their issues.”
I asked Steve how many people would be involved in this new service, he told me “We have a constantly growing team, some of which are counsellors in real life, we have a mediator, an advisor and counsellor who is a real life counsellor, our mediator will deal with relationship issues, our advisor will give advice for everyday issues and our counsellor is trained in behavioural therapy and depression, we also deal with other issues as well and can refer the client to other counsellors who are willing to help.” I wanted to know if people will have to make appointments, or if they can just drop in, he told me “They can do both, they can book an appointment or drop in for a chat, we have a on-line staff board in our offices so people can contact us through them.”

I asked Steve if he want to add anything else, he said “I really just want to remind people that we are here to help you in anyway we can, our services are free, though you can tip the centre if you wish, and we are available anytime and promise to reply to you in 24 hours.”

I really admire Steve for offering this service, SL just like real life can be a lonely place for some people, and finding someone to talk to on-line, who will listen and offer advice, is such a good idea, especially if the person is too shy to seek advice face to face with a counsellor in real life. SL offers that anonymity that may give people the courage to sort out their problems with a friendly and helpful counsellor without feeling awkward or embarrassed. Well done Steve the counselling service is a brilliant idea!

Janey Bracken

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Cosy Corner at the HangOut Club

The wonderful little club owned by dj Janis Short has a nice new feature. The HangOut now has a cosy corner with a blazing log fire and some comfy sofas that people can snuggle down into and relax. Janis has made it very festive, with a lovely Christmas tree and other Christmas bits, it’s really great. Of course the club has always catered for lovers as well as singles, with lots of ‘couples’ poses scattered around, so people can stop for a hug and kiss if they are with their partners. Janis has some mistletoe as well, so you can get an early Christmas kiss!! The Hangout is just perfect, the club itself has a great atmosphere with brilliant music, plus a regular friendly crowd who welcome new people and make them feel at home. If you want to take someone on an SL date you can’t go wrong at the HangOut, have a dance and explore the club for all the little places to cuddle up, or sit in front of the log fire and warm your toes whilst talking sweet nothings……………..bliss!!

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Happy Rez Day Skye!!

Virtually London (lite) would like to wish Skye Letov a very Happy Rez Day. Sky, who celebrated her 3rd Rez Day, enjoyed herself with all her friends at the Hangout Club as dj Janis Short played some great 60's hits. Hope you had a lovely time Skye!!

Janey Bracken

Monday, 22 November 2010

A Beautiful Snowfall In New London

It looks so beautiful, the snow on the roads, the frost glistening on the pavements, the feeling of calmness that you only get with newly settled snow, the quietness before a footprint disturbs that amazing white blanket that transforms a city overnight. And the New London Village & Doctor Who Zone has been transformed into a winter wonderland by Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide, once again showing their eye for detail. Many years ago the Thames froze over in real life and people actually had Frost Fairs on London’s main water thoroughfare. The first Frost Fair was recorded in 1608, although it is thought that the river froze over many times before this date. The Fairs consisted of stalls and sideshows and in 1813 there were merry-go-rounds and donkey and horse and wagon races. Quite amazing events considering how cold it must have been to freeze the Thames enough to take the weight of such things. At that time it was even recorded that an elephant was led across the river below Blackfriars Bridge! One of our famous monarchs, Henry VIII, travelled from Central London to Greenwich by sleigh in 1536 and Elizabeth I walked upon the icy Thames in 1564. SL’s New London has a frozen River Thames too, where you can skate to your heart’s content! (you can pick up some free skates there as well!).

Just recently the West End area of the New London Village has been re-developed and the streets are looking brilliant with their little bow fronted shops and quality houses. It has the feel of the Charles Dickens era, especially now the snow is on the ground; the shops and houses are in high demand, this bustling virtual London is always busy with avatar traffic!

You may have noticed the name change from The Doctor Who Zone – New London Village to the New London Village & The Doctor Who Zone! This has been deliberately re-named by owner Kat Kassner who, whilst still maintaining the Doctor Who theme, also leans towards the London Capital as a main focus. You couldn’t really see a better London in SL, both Kat and Laredo are craftspeople to the highest standards and their love for their sim is obvious in the buildings and warmth they show to their residents and visitors. So if you are a Doctor Who fan or just love London, you will be made to feel that you belong in the New London Village & The Doctor Who Zone! If the Doctor Who fans are in any doubt, the last pictures show Kat and Laredo with another resident doing a bit of street sci-fi! When I asked what they were doing Kat told me that they were weightless, I suppose I should have guessed, this is a London where people have fun!!!

Janey Bracken