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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

West End Club Was Casino Royale For The Night!

I could hardly type for the lag, my camera sluggishly circled the room as I tried to focus on so many people enjoying themselves! How could I take pictures of everyone? Well I’m sorry if I missed you out, but there were over 50 people at the West End Club for the James Bond theme night, and it was an amazing event. The club looked fantastic, Clive, set builder extraordinaire, had built a massive martini glass in the centre of the dance floor and people were climbing into the martini bowl which was being ‘shaken and not stirred’ by the clubbers boogying the night away! The guys looked dashing in their tuxes and the girls look glamorous in their slinky cocktail dresses. DJ Brie had her ‘Goldfinger’ on the music whilst hostess Cute danced ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and I thought I was in the middle of ‘Casino Royale’

Well ‘You Only Live Twice’ so to hell with taking more photos, I jumped in the martini glass with Brie, Clive, Ed, Barbie and Cute and we all ‘Live(d) and Let Die.’ Well done West End Club team, you certainly had a ‘View to a Kill’ with the amount of people you could get in the club! I felt sorry for Clive, he had to go and get his tux cleaned the next day because we all splashed him with martini. (Sorry about all the James Bond puns, I’ve only ever seen one James Bond movie in my life and that was called ‘Thunderball’ and I didn’t know where to fit that title into the article! I suppose I could have re-named the sploder though, thinking about it!)

Janey Bracken


cutewillow said...

was so fun that night
boy that martini was so good hic

Simon Seurat said...

Hopefully the photos will be a ' Quantum of Solace ' for those who couldn't attend the event ! :D

Ed Follet said...

Lishun carefully Moneypenny, thish is shtrickly need to know informashion, the New Wesht End Club is full of rogue agents and glamoroush women… theresh Pussy Galore.!! I need to be kept on top of this shituation (err..) let me have your briefsh. You have been licshensh’d to spill (the gen) remember shaken, not shtirred on the dance floor and we are relying on you to keep the Britishh end up!!

Ed Bond L00L

The 3rd annual shhpeaking like Sean Connery day was on 17th October.

Janey Bracken said...

OOooh glad I missed that speaking like Sean Connery day!! Think I'd need a small dram of whuskey to speak like that! Suppose I could always get it from the Co-op they are goooood wuth foood! (and drink!)