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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Ugly Avatars and Brides and Grooms

We’ve had so much fun at the West End Club with their wonderful theme nights lately, that I’ve put a couple of articles on CNN about them. Last week we had the Ugly Avatar theme, which was so funny that it still makes me smile! See The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Avatars. Plus last night we had a Bride and Groom theme, why we all have wedding dresses in our inventory is very strange! The men have tuxes anyway because they go dancing, but bride’s dresses are a bit odd, I can only think people pick up freebies when they see them and they just happen to be bride’s dresses! I actually bought mine, I had been looking for a Victorian evening dress and I spotted this gorgeous gown at BareRose. I changed the gown colour to blue, as I could modify it, and left the train off of the skirt, it made a very pretty evening dress. See CNN report ‘Forget SL Romance, Lets Have a Wedding Party!'
Janey Bracken


cutewillow said...

the guys made a nice bride so pretty they looked
sorry i missed it cute

BrieJanick said...

Great story ..I loved the Ugly contest becuase it made alot of us step out out comfort zones....And to have alaugh at ourselves...Def taught a few dont judge people by the way they look cause under the av could be a really nice person...The wedding one was so fun hehehe apart from sean which is scary as he looked prettier than me apart from the hairy legs....I told him alwys shave those legs lol Men never listen