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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Pyjamas, Slippers, Hair Rollers and Teddy Bears!

You can tell winter is on its way, the nights are drawing in and there's that cold snap in the air, even when the sun shines there’s the chilly breeze that says summer is truly over. Time to change into your pyjamas and nice warm dressing gown and snuggle down into your armchair for the evening! Sip a cup of hot chocolate as you watch the tv in front of a blazing fire!

Then of course if you are in SL you can always go clubbing in your pj’s and no one takes any notice!! And that's how it was at the West End Club Sunday night, the place was crowded with people in nightwear, hair rollers and slippers! Forget about virtual stilettos and trendy shoes, there were some really wacky slippers on the dance floor that night. I couldn’t find anything to wear, I had a pair of freebie striped pj’s but they looked like I had escaped from prison, so I ended up with a silky pair of black pj’s, but Brie didn’t think I looked the part, so she passed me an outfit with some giant slippers included! As I didn’t want to find myself in the situation where my clothes didn’t rez if I changed them, I just put the slippers on and there they were, big pink pussycat slippers ten times as big as my feet. Looking around I could see I was not alone, Brie looked like she had a pair of smurf’s on her feet, Poppy had giant blue cats and Cute had huge Minnie Mouse slippers on!

Lots of the ladies had their hair in rollers and I noted some of them, including Nils Tomorrow still looked very glamorous! Sheesh that girl could wear a bin liner and still look great! I was a little worried about Nahiram though, she had thrown formality right out of the window and turned up in hair rollers and a face pack!! Very brave lady. I think she may have borrowed her Dad’s slippers as well. I don’t think Simon minded, he was enjoying wearing his Ninja Turtle pj’s!

Princess looked very glam in sexy undies and Truths was trying to fight off a teddy bear who was clinging to his back! Seany had a pair of dodgy looking shorts on with matching, even dodgier slippers! And dj Janis looked like a naughty little kid in her paw print pj’s! Caracol had some snazzy pj’s with animals cartoons. Most people, including the men, had teddy bears!

You wouldn’t do it in real life would you! Go clubbing in your pj’s let alone carry a teddy bear! Only in SL! Don’t you just love it!!

Janey Bracken

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cutewillow said...

We had fun jumpen up down on the beds too, giggles
that was the best