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Thursday, 14 October 2010

A Medieval Night, or is it Knight!

Leaving my steed tied to the boughs of a gnarled oak tree, just a few paces from the main entrance of the great hall, I nervously checked my sword strapped to my back, making sure I could draw the sharp weapon with ease should I come across the rogue I sought, the Black Prince! The sound of laughter and the chattering of voices could be heard from within, as soft piped music filled the air. A gathering of sorts was taking place in the extravagantly decorated chambers within. The heavy door opened easily enough, and I stood on the threshold taking in the wondrous sight before me. Ladies and gentlemen in their finest garments filled the room. Some of the gentlemen leading the ladies into the steps of a dance, as the strains of Green Sleeves echoed in their ears, others stood in deep conversation with their companions. Looking around I spied Sir Clive Hissop, Master of the Chambers, strikingly handsome in his fine white attire! Mistresses Brie Janick and Cutewillow Carlberg, both comely wenches, were resplendent in their flowing damask gowns, as they kept a close eye on the proceedings, ready to poke those lazy musicians in the ribs should they dare to doze off whilst the guests spun elegantly around the dance area.

Finally I cast my eyes upon the Black Prince himself, Prince Truths Marder, dressed head to toe in the black garb from whence his title came. He eagerly awaited his Princess, unaware that the other ladies danced near to him to seek his attention. Could this Prince be the evil sovereign famous for his tyranny? I began to suspect I had been on a fool’s errand, this Prince was popular and he made friendly banter with the other Lords and Ladies within earshot. I studied the Prince through fresh eyes and considered that I would not spill his blood this night (or maybe his sword was bigger than mine and I just got scared!! I joined in the dancing instead of challenging the handsome Prince and had a great time!!).

All in all it was a brilliant Medieval night put on by the West End Club team for our enjoyment!! I had to leave early, but really wished I had stayed, I hope they have another one very soon!!

Janey Bracken


Tammy said...

Its not sir clive its lord clive thats how he like to be known.

cutewillow said...

king clive it is

Janey Bracken said...

He sure is, Clive is the best!

Ed Follet said...

Verily a wonderous feast held at the court of Queen Brie with much merriment and jesting from my Lords and Ladies splendidly robed in most colourful of overgowns. While Minstrels and troubadours royally entertained the assembled company with the latest ballads and dancing, we lowly squires amused ourselves with knavish tricks and tomfoolery. Janey methinks we narrowly avoided the scourge of the stocks perchance!!

Master Ed :-))

Janey Bracken said...

Ah! Master Ed! Thou doth remindeth me! I myself have felt the rotting strawberries at the hand of fair Mistress Brie, who sought much pleasure in my torture in the said stocks! A Scallywag such as you will no doubt not escape for long!!

Rumour has it that Mistress Brie's slop bucket runneth over with putrid eggs and tomatoes for the next poor victim!

Lady Janey of Lambeth :))

Anonymous said...

most loved staff
hostess and dj brie
mangers clive brie and cute
all do a wonderfull job
we love youre club
so much
you guys rock