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Friday, 22 October 2010

Halloween Spooky Story or Poem

Cutewillow Carlberg has arranged a great competition for Halloween! Cute says:

Write a spooky Halloween Story or Poem

1st Prize is 1000 Linden dollars
2nd Prize is 300 Linden dollars
3rd Prize is 150 Linden dollars

Rules are that you must be a VIP of the West End Club/Midnight Sands. The story or poem must be in your own words and original.

Our judges are Janey Bracken, Hibiscus Hastings, Clive Hissop and Brie Janick. You have until Oct 29th to get them in (please send them on a notecard to Cutewillow Carlberg)

Cutewillow Carlberg
(Contest sponsored by Cutewillow Carlberg, Brie Janick and Janey Bracken)

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