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Monday, 25 October 2010

Find Out How Halloween All Began!

As if Whitechapel 1888 isn’t creepy enough with Jack the Ripper casting his shadow over the sim! Owner Spooks Blackburn has some information there on the history of how Halloween all came about. It’s very interesting and I must admit to not knowing any of it!! (finally I know why people carve those faces in pumpkins!). Go over and read his notice board and also explore all the little bits of Whitechapel’s previous decades. Spooks tells me that he is planning a bonfire display and I’ll find out more about that on the 1st November, so I’ll bring you some news as soon as I hear. I do know that he is having a Christmas Hunt from the 1st December to the 31st, so it looks like there will be lots going on in the sim! Spooks has been busily making some Christmas things too, so I can’t wait to see Whitechapel at Christmas time!!
Janey Bracken

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