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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Birthday Princess!

Happy Birthday to Truthsprincess Baramm! Princess celebrated in style at the Halloween Ball in the West End Club and then went on to Simon and Nahiram's Halloween party. Princess got changed before the party, and she and her SL husband Truths Marder chilled out as Adam and Eve! Have a wonderful birthday Princess!!
Janey Bracken

Friday, 29 October 2010

Spooky Story Competition

Don't forget to send your short stories/poems in for the Halloween Spooky Story Contest, the closing date is now the 5th November, so get your imaginations going and you could win L$1000 with L$300 for second place and $150 for third place. Send your stories/poems to Cutewillow Carlberg on a notecard! You gotta be in it to win it!!!!

Janey Bracken

Guy Fawkes - The Exhibition

So who was Guy Fawkes? and why is it traditional to burn an effigy of him on November 5 each year? Well now you can find out the whole story of Guy Fawkes in a fantastic exhibition at New London Village. I went over for a look and I was so impressed I instantly put it on CNN too! It's very nearly the time of year for Gunpowder, Treason and Plot and I'm looking forward to seeing some SL fireworks. Kat and Laredo have a big bonfire party planned for November 5 at Midday SLT, so make a note in your diaries!
Janey Bracken

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Happy Birthday Laredo!

Virtually London (lite) would like to wish Laredo Lowtide, Manager of the New London Village, a very Happy Birthday!!! Many happy returns of the day Laredo!!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Happy Rez Day Janis!

Virtually London (lite) would like to wish dj Janis Short a very Happy 3rd Rez Day!! Janis celebrated at her own club, the Hangout, with all of her friends and she was joined by her SL husband Morrissey. After the Hangout it was over to the West End Club where Janis was dj'ing to a packed house. Happy Rez Day Janis may you have many more!!

Janey Bracken

West End Club Was Casino Royale For The Night!

I could hardly type for the lag, my camera sluggishly circled the room as I tried to focus on so many people enjoying themselves! How could I take pictures of everyone? Well I’m sorry if I missed you out, but there were over 50 people at the West End Club for the James Bond theme night, and it was an amazing event. The club looked fantastic, Clive, set builder extraordinaire, had built a massive martini glass in the centre of the dance floor and people were climbing into the martini bowl which was being ‘shaken and not stirred’ by the clubbers boogying the night away! The guys looked dashing in their tuxes and the girls look glamorous in their slinky cocktail dresses. DJ Brie had her ‘Goldfinger’ on the music whilst hostess Cute danced ‘For Your Eyes Only’ and I thought I was in the middle of ‘Casino Royale’

Well ‘You Only Live Twice’ so to hell with taking more photos, I jumped in the martini glass with Brie, Clive, Ed, Barbie and Cute and we all ‘Live(d) and Let Die.’ Well done West End Club team, you certainly had a ‘View to a Kill’ with the amount of people you could get in the club! I felt sorry for Clive, he had to go and get his tux cleaned the next day because we all splashed him with martini. (Sorry about all the James Bond puns, I’ve only ever seen one James Bond movie in my life and that was called ‘Thunderball’ and I didn’t know where to fit that title into the article! I suppose I could have re-named the sploder though, thinking about it!)

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

New London Christmas Shop

I know I’m early and Halloween hasn’t been and gone yet, but I wanted to rent a shop for my Christmas stock, which I have been busy with. Hibiscus and I have opened a store on Hib’s land, she sells wonderful paintings by Tissot, a romantic Pre-Raphaelite artist, famous for his fine work of scenes from the turn of the last century. What brilliant gifts these paintings will make. I wanted a little shop in New London as well, and I asked Kat Kassner if she had any empty shops to rent. Kat set to work creating a beautiful shop for me, it’s just like something out of Charles Dickens with its square paned bow window, just ideal for my displays. To make it even more Christmassy there is Scrooge and Marley's Counting Office next door. I stood watching with Laredo as Kat put a staircase in for me and another floor too, so I have plenty of room!

Halloween should be brilliant in New London as they have a Mega Party weekend planned with DJ Hoi, DJ Garfuncle, DJ Sin and more!! Let’s hope the spirits of Marley and Scrooge have no intentions of visiting their old office next to my shop!

Janey Bracken

Monday, 25 October 2010

Find Out How Halloween All Began!

As if Whitechapel 1888 isn’t creepy enough with Jack the Ripper casting his shadow over the sim! Owner Spooks Blackburn has some information there on the history of how Halloween all came about. It’s very interesting and I must admit to not knowing any of it!! (finally I know why people carve those faces in pumpkins!). Go over and read his notice board and also explore all the little bits of Whitechapel’s previous decades. Spooks tells me that he is planning a bonfire display and I’ll find out more about that on the 1st November, so I’ll bring you some news as soon as I hear. I do know that he is having a Christmas Hunt from the 1st December to the 31st, so it looks like there will be lots going on in the sim! Spooks has been busily making some Christmas things too, so I can’t wait to see Whitechapel at Christmas time!!
Janey Bracken

Friday, 22 October 2010

Halloween Spooky Story or Poem

Cutewillow Carlberg has arranged a great competition for Halloween! Cute says:

Write a spooky Halloween Story or Poem

1st Prize is 1000 Linden dollars
2nd Prize is 300 Linden dollars
3rd Prize is 150 Linden dollars

Rules are that you must be a VIP of the West End Club/Midnight Sands. The story or poem must be in your own words and original.

Our judges are Janey Bracken, Hibiscus Hastings, Clive Hissop and Brie Janick. You have until Oct 29th to get them in (please send them on a notecard to Cutewillow Carlberg)

Cutewillow Carlberg
(Contest sponsored by Cutewillow Carlberg, Brie Janick and Janey Bracken)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Pyjamas, Slippers, Hair Rollers and Teddy Bears!

You can tell winter is on its way, the nights are drawing in and there's that cold snap in the air, even when the sun shines there’s the chilly breeze that says summer is truly over. Time to change into your pyjamas and nice warm dressing gown and snuggle down into your armchair for the evening! Sip a cup of hot chocolate as you watch the tv in front of a blazing fire!

Then of course if you are in SL you can always go clubbing in your pj’s and no one takes any notice!! And that's how it was at the West End Club Sunday night, the place was crowded with people in nightwear, hair rollers and slippers! Forget about virtual stilettos and trendy shoes, there were some really wacky slippers on the dance floor that night. I couldn’t find anything to wear, I had a pair of freebie striped pj’s but they looked like I had escaped from prison, so I ended up with a silky pair of black pj’s, but Brie didn’t think I looked the part, so she passed me an outfit with some giant slippers included! As I didn’t want to find myself in the situation where my clothes didn’t rez if I changed them, I just put the slippers on and there they were, big pink pussycat slippers ten times as big as my feet. Looking around I could see I was not alone, Brie looked like she had a pair of smurf’s on her feet, Poppy had giant blue cats and Cute had huge Minnie Mouse slippers on!

Lots of the ladies had their hair in rollers and I noted some of them, including Nils Tomorrow still looked very glamorous! Sheesh that girl could wear a bin liner and still look great! I was a little worried about Nahiram though, she had thrown formality right out of the window and turned up in hair rollers and a face pack!! Very brave lady. I think she may have borrowed her Dad’s slippers as well. I don’t think Simon minded, he was enjoying wearing his Ninja Turtle pj’s!

Princess looked very glam in sexy undies and Truths was trying to fight off a teddy bear who was clinging to his back! Seany had a pair of dodgy looking shorts on with matching, even dodgier slippers! And dj Janis looked like a naughty little kid in her paw print pj’s! Caracol had some snazzy pj’s with animals cartoons. Most people, including the men, had teddy bears!

You wouldn’t do it in real life would you! Go clubbing in your pj’s let alone carry a teddy bear! Only in SL! Don’t you just love it!!

Janey Bracken