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Monday, 27 September 2010

Watch Roberto's Brilliant Films!

We have some talented people in SL and we are privileged to have one such person who is also a regular at the West End Club! Roberto Highfield has made some excellent films, including some at the West End Club and The Hangout at Butler’s Wharf. Roberto posts his machinima films on flickr so that we can all enjoy them. I took some pictures of Roberto myself (in the main pic) plus all the other clubbers at another wonderful themed night at the West End Club last week, so I’m including the ‘Under the Sea’ theme pictures here, well done again to brilliant Clive Hissop for his club interior! The event was dj'd by fabulous Corolla Korobase and hosted by lovely Nahiram Vaniva. So keep an eye out for Roberto, he may be dancing and enjoying himself, but he may be planning to make you his next star for a new film! Thanks Roberto, your films are fantastic! Click here for the links to see the films - Films 1 and Films 2

Janey Bracken

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cutewillow said...

quite nice vedios
roberto dose and pics
hes one of the best