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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Our News Shop Destroyed?

It’s a complete mystery! I turned up for work today and stood amongst the rubble that was once the Metaverse London News Group’s beautiful office in the Houses of Parliament. The Big Ben clock tower was broken in half laying like a giant dragon with its back broken, whilst the flames were still blazing out of what was left of its once regal base! The buildings surrounding Parliament had not escaped either, the Tower of London stood like an empty tomb with flames and smoke billowing from deep inside. Nelson’s column too had crashed to the ground littering the concourse with ugly chunks of concrete. So what could have happened? could it be some of my ‘powerful’ enemies who took revenge because I busted their dodgy deals with my reporting? Could it be a rival News Group envious of our ability to pip them at the post with the latest stories? Are darker forces at work in SL? Well I think so! I suddenly spotted a crashed flying-saucer which looked like it had had someone flying it a bit like me! (Hibiscus says my driving is terrible, but don’t believe her!). I can only imagine they lost control and hit all the buildings in the area before coming to a final resting place near poor Big Ben! Oh well, just another normal day in the fantastic New London sim!

Actually it was all very clever, I made the bit up about finding the placed wrecked when I got there, but inside our wonderful office there is a teleport station and when you click it one of the destinations is called the ‘Aftermath’ Curious as ever I took a ride. Suddenly the place was transformed into this amazing ruin. What a great invention, Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide have been at it again! They always have something new and exciting going on!! Well done you two!!

Janey Bracken
(PS Talking of mysteries, there was an escaped tiger in the Hangout Club last night! He was dancing and having a good time. I had to 'paws' for thought as to where he had come from! He was having a 'purrrrfect' time. In fact he followed us to the West End club too, where he shook a 'whisker' or two with the other clubbers. It seemed like he had worms, but it could have been a rumba he was dancing! Many thanks to 'Tiger' Alt Lexington for a great laugh!)


Alt Lexington said...

That was a Puuuuurrrfect report on a very fun night for me , it really tickles me whiskers.

P.S. Sent marks this page.

Ed Follet said...

Crikey Janey!! I was at the shop last night and seeing this made me think I had left something in the toaster! LoL. That reminds me... I must watch out for some low prim fire extinguishers ha ha

Ed :-))

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Alt, Those Tiger feet were definitely a bit nifty last night!

Janey :))

Janey Bracken said...

Hi Ed, Haha,I would keep that to yourself about the toaster, you will have the 'elf and safety people down on you like a ton of bricks! In fact the bricks already fell down by the look of it!

Janey :))