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Monday, 20 September 2010

Metaverse London News Team Move to the Houses of Parliament

Move over David Cameron, get out of the way Nick Clegg, Peter Mandelson never darken my doorstep again!! the Metaverse London News Team are taking over the Houses of Parliament!! That’s right, we have moved into a wondrous new office in New London, thanks to Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide, and it’s bang in the middle of Parliament right under the shadows of the legendary Big Ben clock tower.

I’d had a call from Manager Laredo Lowtide a few days ago and he told me that he needed our news team to change office space, as there were big building plans for the part of the sim where our office was, but we never expected this brilliant new site for our News Shop. It’s big enough to have the members of parliament attending a sitting and still have room for a party up the other end!

We are still furnishing the shop, but drop in and see our new place, we are thrilled with it and wish to thank sim owner Kat and Laredo, we just love it, we are honoured indeed! (not sure whether to put in some MP's expenses claims for the furniture! might just try it!)

Janey Bracken


Anonymous said...

A fitting location for the best news team in the virtual worlds!!!

- Drax

Ed Follet said...

The Time Lords have done us proud with such a wonderful new location for our office Janey. I just hope Guy Fawkes doesn't have access to a Tardis!! lol