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Monday, 13 September 2010

Little London in SL Showcase

The fast growing and very popular community of Katrina Pascale’s Little London has now been included in the Second Life ‘Showcase’ gems, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving sim! I went over to Steve Rumsford’s Club Heavenly in Little London a few nights ago and enjoyed a Casino themed evening. Everyone is so friendly and the Club buzzes with life, Steve is an excellent host making everyone very welcome, plus he has a wicked sense of humour!
Little London is a role-play sim, but it’s not somewhere that you have to act out a complicated role, you can join in if you wish to, or just be part of the background if you don’t want to participate in the action. It’s life on the streets of London and you can have a lot of fun getting into whatever character you wish. I’m popping along to the Queen Victoria pub in Little London next, I’ve heard they are holding some great events there too!
Congratulations on your Showcase listing Little London, you have a wonderful virtual capital, it’s great news!!

Janey Bracken

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Hibiscus said...

Congratulations, that's great about making it into the Showcase!