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Friday, 17 September 2010

Happy Birthday Simon

It was Happy Birthday to Simon Seurat yesterday! Simon and his lovely partner Nahiram had a full night planned to celebrate Simon’s birthday. Starting off at their home, they had a housewarming party with their friends and danced in the garden of their beautiful home. It is the first house that Simon and Nahiram have built, and it is a splendid pink mansion overlooking the fabulous gardens down to the sea!

After the housewarming there were celebrations at the West End Club for Simon, and the theme was ‘Never Never Land’. Simon and Nahiram were Peter Pan and Wendy and all the guests were dressed in everything from Tinkerbell costumes to pirates. There was one little lost boy walking about amongst the dancers though, with his teddy bear tucked under his arm! (I have a feeling it may have been Truths, but I’m not too sure!)
Simon and Nahiram then went on to the Love Garden for a formal end to a lovely evening. Happy Birthday Simon!!

Janey Bracken


Nahiram Vaniva said...

Thanks a lot for this so accurate post, Janey! It was a great day for both of us, celebrating Simon's birthday and opening our island to the public for a few hours to share what we have built together! We were so happy our friends enjoyed all the parties
(omg! we do like partying!) Simon DJed and it was great! DJ Janis DJed at the club, great tunes as usual, especially chosen for Simon!
Cute hosted the set cheering up the crowd !

Thanks to all our friends !

Hibiscus said...

Happy Birthday, Simon, and congratulations to you and Nahiram on your new home. I'm so sorry I missed all the celebrations, hope you had a great time! xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !!!

- Drax

Simon Seurat said...

Thank you for your kind comments everyone , I had a great RL birthday spent in SL !