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Friday, 3 September 2010

Getting Around Little London

The other day I wrote about getting around the New London sim by means of an Underground tube system and some of the ingenious ideas that sim owners have is just amazing. Katrina Pascale’s Little London has its own method of commuter travel too, she has opted for a futuristic monorail, taking you around the entire virtual capital. I suppose if we think of real London in the future, this may be the way that it might look. The gridlock in London can only get worse with so many people living and working there, and something like Katrina’s monorail would be the way to go!

If you must drive a car in Little London though, there is an excellent car wash with a sign saying you can get it done by someone in a bikini from a fiver! I’m not to sure what the ‘from £5’ means though, maybe you get a good looking girl for more than a fiver and if you pay the basic fiver maybe you get hairy Fred the mechanic in a bikini, perhaps someone ought to try it and let us know!

Also if you are going to the Heavenly Club, and it looks like a great weekend there coming up, you can call in at the Chinese takeway on the way home. The takeaway looks very nice, but I’m not sure about the name, maybe ‘Long Won’ is the size of their pancake rolls, hmmm I might have to ask hairy Fred from the garage!

Janey Bracken

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