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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Dj Garf Rocks New London!

We had a treat in store last week at the New London Village, dj Garf Serpente held a great outdoor concert and he played some real cool music!! I went over with friend and co-writer Hibiscus Hastings and joined Kat Kassner, Laredo Lowtide and the rest of the audience who were having a brilliant time. Laredo tells me they were really pleased that Garf was back to do a night of dj’ing as he had been their resident dj last year. I did get a little bit worried half way through the evening though, I spotted the guy who was on the 'wanted posters' near Baker Square, Harold his name is, and he was in the audience, bare chested and looking like trouble! He was saying something about "compressing us lot into tiny dolls, killing people and selling the bodies to children! Disposing of his enemies and making a profit", he even laughed wickedly ‘Hardy har to me!’ he said! With that he was gone again, avoiding the New London police hot on his tail! The audience carried on dancing and having a brilliant time in spit of Harold's threats!

Great concert Garf, it was fun, hope we see you there again soon!

Janey Bracken

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