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Friday, 24 September 2010

Brilliant Arabian Night In The West End Club

There have been some great themes at the West End Club and part sim owner and builder extraordinaire Clive Hissop has built some wonderful sets in the club. One of the best so far has been the Arabian Nights/Old Egypt theme a few days ago. It certainly caught everyone’s imagination as the club was full to capacity with a whole range of Arabian costumed avatars and what a sight it was! We had everything from belly dancer’s outfits to Egyptian Princesses and Princes! Wonderful Brie Janick was dj’ing and lovely Cutewillow Carlberg was doing a great host job as Brie played a whole range of Egyptian and Arabic music for that spicy atmosphere, the club was electric! Well done West End Club, it was a brilliant night!!

Janey Bracken


cutewillow said...

brie and i had a balst
with this event
was so much fun

Ed Follet said...

Hi Janey, this was without doubt the best event I have attended in SL. Thanks to Brie, Clive, Cute and the team, the club decor and atmosphere was amazing and everyone else made a contribution with their fantastic costumes as your photo's show. I'm looking forward to a lot more events like this one.