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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Our News Shop Destroyed?

It’s a complete mystery! I turned up for work today and stood amongst the rubble that was once the Metaverse London News Group’s beautiful office in the Houses of Parliament. The Big Ben clock tower was broken in half laying like a giant dragon with its back broken, whilst the flames were still blazing out of what was left of its once regal base! The buildings surrounding Parliament had not escaped either, the Tower of London stood like an empty tomb with flames and smoke billowing from deep inside. Nelson’s column too had crashed to the ground littering the concourse with ugly chunks of concrete. So what could have happened? could it be some of my ‘powerful’ enemies who took revenge because I busted their dodgy deals with my reporting? Could it be a rival News Group envious of our ability to pip them at the post with the latest stories? Are darker forces at work in SL? Well I think so! I suddenly spotted a crashed flying-saucer which looked like it had had someone flying it a bit like me! (Hibiscus says my driving is terrible, but don’t believe her!). I can only imagine they lost control and hit all the buildings in the area before coming to a final resting place near poor Big Ben! Oh well, just another normal day in the fantastic New London sim!

Actually it was all very clever, I made the bit up about finding the placed wrecked when I got there, but inside our wonderful office there is a teleport station and when you click it one of the destinations is called the ‘Aftermath’ Curious as ever I took a ride. Suddenly the place was transformed into this amazing ruin. What a great invention, Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide have been at it again! They always have something new and exciting going on!! Well done you two!!

Janey Bracken
(PS Talking of mysteries, there was an escaped tiger in the Hangout Club last night! He was dancing and having a good time. I had to 'paws' for thought as to where he had come from! He was having a 'purrrrfect' time. In fact he followed us to the West End club too, where he shook a 'whisker' or two with the other clubbers. It seemed like he had worms, but it could have been a rumba he was dancing! Many thanks to 'Tiger' Alt Lexington for a great laugh!)

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Steve On Paisley Beebe Show

Last Sunday night, Little London’s Minister for Events Steve Rumsford appeared on the very popular “Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe” to talk about how an action plan created by the community in order to save the sim worked to keep the sim open.

Steve first arrived in Little London about 9 months ago after doing a search for “London”, which is his home town in RL. It was love at first sight for Steve and he began spending time in the sim, eventually joining the council and organizing events. He noticed that there was not a lot of activity in the sim, shops and apartments remained empty and there were not many avatars in the sim at any one time. However, Steve hadn’t realized how difficult the situation had become until one day when he and a group of friends logged on to find that the music, which had previously been on all the time, was not playing. They contacted sim owner and creator Katrina Pascale who said that she was going to have to close the sim down by the end of the month and that was why the music was off. When faced with this, a group of Little Londoners got together and approached Katrina to see if there was a way of avoiding this. A meeting was called and different ideas discussed, which resulted in an action plan to increase traffic to the sim.

Since then things seemed to have turned around in Little London. There are many fewer empty rental spaces and always people in the sim. Part of the credit can go to special events, such as the recent AC/DC concert (see Virtually London (lite), Sept. 28, 2010), as well as recurring events, including the Sci-Fi Night every Monday in the pub and contests in Steve’s club, Heavenly, on the weekends. These events not only bring first timers into the sim, but provide acitivities for sim regulars and residents, thereby building the community. There is also a role playing area to the sim that is popular, and recently being listed in the SL Destination Guide has increased traffic to Little London.

You can watch Steve’s appearance on “Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe” at

Hibiscus Hastings

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Great Night With Tribute ACDC Band

Sunday night rocked in Little London as the SL tribute band ACDC took to the stage. Events Manager Steve Rumsford had arranged another great show and the audience loved it! The band were full of energy and the evening was electric! Buster Atlass was Malcolm Young, Delilah Questi was drummer Phil Rudd, Doc Sideways was lead singer Angus Young, Shadow Henley was Cliff Williams and Fredric Forcella was Bon Scott who came down into the audience to wow them! Another brilliant night for Little London, many thanks to Steve, Aleria and the team!

Janey Bracken

Monday, 27 September 2010

Watch Roberto's Brilliant Films!

We have some talented people in SL and we are privileged to have one such person who is also a regular at the West End Club! Roberto Highfield has made some excellent films, including some at the West End Club and The Hangout at Butler’s Wharf. Roberto posts his machinima films on flickr so that we can all enjoy them. I took some pictures of Roberto myself (in the main pic) plus all the other clubbers at another wonderful themed night at the West End Club last week, so I’m including the ‘Under the Sea’ theme pictures here, well done again to brilliant Clive Hissop for his club interior! The event was dj'd by fabulous Corolla Korobase and hosted by lovely Nahiram Vaniva. So keep an eye out for Roberto, he may be dancing and enjoying himself, but he may be planning to make you his next star for a new film! Thanks Roberto, your films are fantastic! Click here for the links to see the films - Films 1 and Films 2

Janey Bracken

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Steve Rumsford Appearing on Tonight Live With Paisley Beebe

Little London's very own Steve Rumsford is appearing on Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe this evening, the show is from 5.30 (SLT), so if you can make it go and see Steve being interviewed. Steve has said he will send me the link so I can catch it later because of the time zones! Also don't forget the great ACDC tribute concert tonight in Little London at 12 noon (SLT)! See you there!!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Brilliant Arabian Night In The West End Club

There have been some great themes at the West End Club and part sim owner and builder extraordinaire Clive Hissop has built some wonderful sets in the club. One of the best so far has been the Arabian Nights/Old Egypt theme a few days ago. It certainly caught everyone’s imagination as the club was full to capacity with a whole range of Arabian costumed avatars and what a sight it was! We had everything from belly dancer’s outfits to Egyptian Princesses and Princes! Wonderful Brie Janick was dj’ing and lovely Cutewillow Carlberg was doing a great host job as Brie played a whole range of Egyptian and Arabic music for that spicy atmosphere, the club was electric! Well done West End Club, it was a brilliant night!!

Janey Bracken

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Happy Birthday Cute and Seany's Night at The Hangout

A Happy Birthday to lovely Cutewillow Carlberg who celebrated with all her friends at the West End Club last night. Virtually London (lite) would like to wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day Cute!!!
Earlier in the evening Seany1235 Blinker dj'd at the Hangout Club and his first night was a great success, Seany played to a packed house and everyone had a fantastic time! Congratulations on your new dj job Seany!
Janey Bracken

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

ACDC Tribute Concert in Little London on Sunday

Be sure not to miss a great time in Little London on Sunday, 26 September! There is a tribute ACDC concert at 12 noon (SLT), thats 8pm (UK), so make a note in your diary to get ready to rock!

Janey Bracken

A Graduation Ball In Antiquity London

“A ball? I love a ball!” I could almost hear Lydia Bennet from Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ saying excitedly when Charles Bingley declared they should hold a ball very soon. I felt the same way when I saw an invitation to attend the graduation ball of Miss Samara Lavarock from the Antiquity Academy for Young Ladies in Antiquity London. I donned my best ball gown and asked if I may have a hackney carriage over to the grand event.

What a splendid sight was to behold me, gentlemen courteously bowing and ladies bobbing a curtsey as they greeted each other. The ball proved to be very popular and I entered the ballroom and stood watching the ladies and gentlemen waltzing happily around the dance floor. It was obvious that they delighted in each other’s company, the genteel flirting, the small talk, the laughter and the oh so good manners. I was greeted by Miss Susan Rogan, Miss Rogan runs the Academy and I took tea with her when I visited Antiquity London a few weeks ago. Miss Rogan offered me a place as a student at the Academy and I said I would be pleased to enrol. Miss Lavarock, who’s graduation we were celebrating at the ball, came over and introduced herself and I congratulated her on completing her course. Miss Lavarock is to work at the Academy with Miss Rogan and she will take classes there, so I will have to brush up on my p’s and q’s to make sure I am acting properly in the presences of such fine company.

I spotted Julie Oliphaunt, who also has a job as a barmaid in the local tavern, I had met Julie before and it was nice to talk to her! The role-play in Antiquity London isn’t at all rigid and it already has a big following, so it looks as if they have got it just right. I loved the clothes and wearing the pretty gowns adds to the enjoyment of it all. Congratulions to Miss Lavarock on her graduation, the ball was a wonderful way to celebrate her success at the Academy.

Janey Bracken

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

DJ Seany Joins The Hangout Club

Great news about the Hangout Club, that experienced and well loved dj, Seany1235 Blinker, is joining forces with owner and dj Janis Short to do some regular spots in the club. Both Seany and Janis are top SL dj’s and have a wealth of experience in keeping club entertainment at top notch! Janis wanted a dj who would compliment the warm, friendly atmosphere of the club and she said that her regular club members are ecstatic to have Seany joining the Hangout. Although Seany officially starts at the Hangout this Wednesday, he did save the day a few nights ago when Janis had Internet connection problems, and he was able to stand in for her at a moments notice! Seany said of his new venture, “A new start to my dj’ing and it’s great to be back doing what I love!” he added “and a big thank you to Janis for letting me dj here.” Seany is at the Hangout on Wednesday from 12 noon (SLT), that’s 8pm (UK). For more club times see our schedules page. Good Luck Seany, the already popular Hangout will be buzzing with you and Janis both dj’ing!

Janey Bracken