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Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Warm Welcome At New London's New Entry Area

The entry point to a sim is probably one of the most important things, when you teleport in, first impressions are everything. I hate sites, in particular, that you land in and see no proper route to take, or path to follow. Really what you see when you arrive decides whether you explore further or just teleport out again. The Doctor Who New London sim was always a good place to arrive, as the buildings are so well done and New London looks so authentically like the real one with its River Thames and Tower Bridge, not to mention Big Ben and other famous virtual buildings. However owner Kat Kassner and Manager Laredo Lowtide never let the grass grow under their feet, they have created an even nicer entry point, a little bit of the embankment with atmospheric street lighting and plenty of information about New London. You actually arrive inside a Tardis (the time machine in the Dr Who series that looks like a police telephone box for non Dr Who fans!) and you step out onto a Welcome mat. I love the Jetty too, where you can sunbathe or do a spot of fishing, every time I go over there I find something new!!

Newbies must be fascinated by what they see and you can see why many of them stay in New London not only because of the look of the sim, but because of the bustling community and great nightlife there. Another nice feature is a money tree, planted near the welcome point to let brand new SL residents have the chance to take a few Lindens by picking the ripe fruit, I think this is great, as a little bit of money to a newbie usually goes a long way until they really get started in SL.

Kat and Laredo are adding new bits and pieces all the time, New London evolves as they work with the community there to suit the community’s needs and they work very hard with some amazing results. I can’t see many people teleporting into New London and leaving straight away, as this really is a warm welcome that Kat and Laredo and the New London Team are supplying.

Janey Bracken

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