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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Our News Shop Locations

I’ve been busy installing a bit of a picture slide show in our Metaverse London News shops. The idea is for us to put some favourite photos on display and also some pictures from the recent articles we have covered, so you may see yourselves there. You can get the links to our blogs and our CNN reports in the shops too, plus there is a web browser display for Viewer 2 users so you can read the latest Virtually London (lite) in-world. We are no longer based in Virtual London (Kensington) and our shop in Tropical Harmony has moved to Midnight Sands where we have a lovely spacious premises. Our other shop is in the brilliant New London and you can also play the Truthball there with your friends (a ‘getting to know you’ game where you are suppose to answer the Truthball’s questions honestly!) We have some comfy sofas installed in both shops, so if you and your friends want to use them to stop and chat, feel free. The News Team will be popping in and out too, so you may bump into us! So make a note of our new SLURLs and have a look at my new slide shows when you pay us a visit!

Janey Bracken


=IcaruS= said...

Looking forward to checking out your new digs and a belated thank you for introducing us to TruthBall when visiting ages ago.


Janey Bracken said...


You are very welcome to come over any time!!

Janey :))