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Monday, 23 August 2010

Hibiscus Wins Photo Competition

Well didn’t our Hibiscus do well!! Yes Hibiscus Hastings, photographer extraordinaire, won the photograph contest held by Janis Short at her Hangout club. And no I didn’t vote for either Hib or Ed (Follet) as I thought it wasn’t the right thing to do, as they are friends and co-writers. The standards had been really high, and second prize went to Bondaisy Rau and the third prize was split between Ed and Isobel Byron, Simon Seurat and Nahiram Vaniva and Kurt Ameratsu. Well done all the winners, I reviewed the pictures a few days ago and each one had really good merits, making the contest very competitive.

DJ Janis is off on her hols travelling to real life London to meet her SL husband Morrissey. Janis put a sign outside the club, which says ‘Gone Fishing, back 30/8/10’. It looks like she wrote it quickly using her lippy, just before she left to catch her plane. Janis was so excited about her trip and we all hope she has a wonderful time! Look out London, dj Janis is in town!!
Janey Bracken


seany said...

congratulations Hibs and its a great photo and well done all otherwinners

Hibiscus said...

Hi Seany, thank you very much. All the photos in the contest were so well done, capturing differenct aspects and moods of the HangOut.