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Friday, 13 August 2010

Happy Rez Day Snow!

It was the Londoner's day out today as we went to beautiful Snow Sweetwater's second Rez Day party. Snow celebrated her Rez Day in wonderful woodland surroundings and her partner JayJay Seetan supplied the music. Snow had requested that people should wear medieval clothes if they wanted to, and it was one of the prettiest scenes I have viewed in SL with the colourful and gorgeous costumes worn by the guests. Snow herself was the Belle of the Ball in her fantastic plum gown with its flowing skirts, the colour was perfect for her and she really shone! Everyone got together for a group photo at the end and it was a party to remember. Congratulations on your second Rez Day Snow, may you have many more!

Janey Bracken


Hibiscus said...

A lovely party and a beautiful day. Thanks so much, Snow, for the invitation, Happy Rez Day. The pictures really capture the essence of the gathering, Janey.

Simon Seurat said...

I must just mention how beautiful the location was , it was really nice and so much work must have gone into creating it , it looked amazing !

It was a great party ! Happy rezzday Snow !

seany said...

what a great party good to see all friends in one place.
beautiful sim and great photos but wheres the one of princess running naked around the sim lolz

Janey Bracken said...

It was such a beautiful setting which made taking photographs a pleasure, except SL was being mean to me and my cam was jumping around and would zoom off into the distance when I tried to focus in. This is why I missed my shot of Princess, she was far too quick for me! I tried to get a tasteful shot of the back of her as the blog is PG!! but it wasn't to be! I would imagine some of the other guests got a shot or too as they may have been faster than me! Lol!

Am said...

What a fab day ... and really great pictures Janey ... again :)

Snow Sweetwater said...

Thank you all for making my rez party such a wonderful evening... everyone looked fantastic and it was so good to have you all there! Janey these photos are amazing! We love our home, but you have made it look magical here.

When's the next party?!?

Jayjay Seetan said...

It was a great Party for the th emost beautiful person in SL, but of course I'm biased

Happy rez day love may you have many more xoxoxox